Google’s featured snippets are the new first place results. They appear in search results below paid ads, but above the first place result in search engine results pages (SERPs). They take up prime real estate in search results, so they’re extremely effective for earning clicks and traffic to your site.pages to rank there.

If you want to earn featured snippets for your website, you’re not alone. Marketers are consistently looking for new ways to win featured snippets in search results. While there is no guaranteed way to win them, we can share a few ways that seem to work.

Keyword Research

Just like you’d do keyword research for your website content, it’s important to do the same kind of keyword research for featured snippets. We know that featured snippets usually answer a question, so you should base your keyword research on finding long-tail keyword phrases the can be posed as a question. It’s even better if there aren’t a lot of pages that target the specific phrase.

Follow SEO Best Practices

Google wants to provide the best results to users. The highest-ranking results have great on-page and off-page optimization, which is what makes them so visual. They have beneficial and informative content, offer a great user experience, and are responsive so the can appear to users via mobile or desktop devices. If a featured snippet appears above a position one result, it only makes sense that it would also have great SEO in place.

Here are some SEO standards that your page should follow:

  • Target the keyword or question you want to be featured for
  • Provide informative information to readers
  • Provide a great user experience with images, videos, and easy-to-use navigation
  • Have a high number of backlinks
  • Have great page speed

This is by no means a complete list, but it gives you a good idea of what qualities your page should have before ranking highly in search results, or in a featured snippet.

Use Visual Imagery

Most position zero pages, or featured snippets include an image. That being said, it’s important to have a lot of relevant images on your page — not only to create a great user experience, but to provide visuals for the keywords that you’re targeting. For example, if you want to earn a featured snippet for a question about the best drive thru display, you should provide an image of the drive thru product or display examples, or at the very least, an image of a drive thru restaurant.

Use Lists and Tables

As we know, featured snippets often feature lists (bulleted and numbered), and tables. So to increase the chances of your content bring featured, include those elements on your pages. Google will not award you a featured table snippet if your webpage doesn’t have a content table to feature. So help Google out and give them the information that they’re looking for and format your content into clean, bulleted lists and tables.

Organize Your Page Using Subheaders

When you have headings and subheadings on your pages, makes it much easier for Google to understand your content. The easier it is for Google to understand your content, the easier it will be for them to hand over a featured snippet. In addition to using headings and subheadings, format the headers as a questions. Just be sure to keep the answers to the questions you’re asking, simple and concise. When you do so, it will ensure that Google knows exactly where the answer is, and that it won’t be too long for a featured snippet.

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