Adding Users

For social media and search profiles, you will need to add Bad Penny Factory as a user.


  • Google Analytics
    1. Access your Analytics account.
    2. Follow our helpful instructions.
    3. Create new user “”.
    4. Grant “property access” with “edit/view/manage users”.
  • Google AdWords
    1. Access your AdWords account.
    2. Go to “tools and settings”.
    3. Go to “account access and security”.
    3. Add new user “”.
    4. Grant “admin level”.


  • 1. We will review your current accounts.
    2. Bad Penny Factory will trigger access requests.
    3. Please “approve” all requests.

Getting Started

We are thrilled to have you join our Bad Penny Factory client family! As we probably touched on during our chats, we will need access to your data to do what we do. So let’s start simple with this basic access keys. Please complete this form and follow the additional steps to add us as a user on your Google Accounts. If you have any questions, or need to tell us something a bit more about your digital world, please leave a note in the space provide and we will discuss.

Have questions or want to connect?

Check your calendar and then check ours to get synced up for a quick call.

We love new beginnings. Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions. You’ll be glad you did!