Instagram has been a game-changer for small businesses. With new features like carousel ads and the shopping tab, companies can promote and sell their products all in one place. Instagram connects brands to multiple age groups, from teenagers to thirty-somethings.

With various options, Instagram gives businesses the freedom to create ads that will best showcase their products and services. Facebook also owns Instagram, so the cultivated brand awareness, business consideration, and sale conversion carry over to Instagram.

Different Options

Many ad formats are available. When choosing what type of ad to purchase on Instagram, your main goal should be to represent your business appropriately.

Photo Ads

Photo ads are great if your business has a solid visual identity. If you have eye-catching products, a photo ad is an easy way to draw customers to your website. A photo ad appears in post feeds so your audience will see it when they are scrolling. You can use larger photos for Instagram Story ads.

A simple call to action button will direct your customers to your website, product page, store location, or appropriate link.

Video Ads

A video ad allows your business to show your product, brand, or store in more detail. An Instagram Feed video ad can be as long as an hour, but the most effective ones are only a few seconds long. This is just enough time to showcase a specific item or new promotion. Video ads can be placed in Instagram Stories. These ads can also have a call to action button placed on them.

Carousel Ads

If multiple photos or videos showcase your business better, a carousel ad is a great choice. Carousel ads allow up to 10 different images or videos. They can be placed in Instagram Feed or Stories.

Like the other ad types, a call to action button or a slide-up option is available. The slide-up mechanism can lead directly to your website, while the call to action button can lead wherever you’d like.

Shopping Ads

With Instagram’s shopping tab, shopping ads have become an effortless way to sell your products. If you have a shopping catalog on Instagram, it is a no-brainer to use paid digital advertising like shopping ads. When a customer clicks on one of these ads, they will be taken directly to your product page on Instagram.

Implementing ads on social media will help increase your business’s traffic and sales. It all depends on how you want to showcase your products and values. Instagram has repeatedly shown that its advertisements can help grow small businesses.