Among all the social media options, YouTube is the forgotten platform. YouTube consistently proves to have excellent marketing potential. People watch videos every day. Why not have some of them be yours?

Like other social media content, many things go into publishing YouTube videos. Both take a solid understanding of your goals and audience. Everything you post to social media should be planned to reflect your brand consistently and accurately.

Know Your Audience

Publishing videos for your business is not just about selling your product or service. It’s also about connecting with your audience. Make it an experience that portrays your business as more than a simple product. The key is to show your audience that you are relatable. Be yourself, not just a salesperson.

Understand the Trends

Shorter videos have been prevalent in the last few years. People love the short seven-second videos and will scroll through them for hours. YouTube has a feature that will label your video as a “short” so people know what to expect before clicking on it.
Being direct in your messaging holds your audience’s attention. Adding fluff to your script can do well, but adding too much can get boring. Stick to videos that are five to seven minutes long.


Video preferences will vary in your audience. Some people prefer short videos, while others want 20 minute long vlogs. It will take some time to understand what is most popular within your audience. The more you learn, the better you can create content around their preferences. Your digital traffic will grow the more effort you put into connecting with your community.

Like any online marketing platform, YouTube trends can change every few months to a year. That is why it’s essential to look at what is popular right now and create the best content for your audience.