No matter what social media platforms you use, Facebook is always important. Over 1.5 billion people are on Facebook every day, making it one of the best places to market your brand. With every passing year, technology changes and adapts. It takes more than just one randomly-timed picture to go viral in your market.

In online marketing, every move you make must be strategic. When you post, go live, or create an event, you must have your goals in mind. Everything you do must have a purpose.


Lately, Facebook has prioritized group posts in the algorithm. This means that ads or sponsored posts may not show up on someone’s feed as much as they used to.

Make Engaging Content

Facebook has always pushed lower-quality posts to the side so people won’t see them, and they are really cracking down this year. Make sure you take extra time to ensure the pictures or videos you post are polished. Facebook doesn’t want cloudy or laggy videos filling up newsfeeds.

Having better quality posts will gain better traction on your page because they are more appealing to the viewer. Low-quality videos can also sometimes seem like spam or clickbait. When it comes to digital marketing, people look for unique pictures and promotions that don’t look like all the rest.

Video Length

Facebook is cutting down on what videos people see, showing only those they may benefit from. People don’t watch long videos anymore. Creating video ads that are a minute to three minutes long are more likely to be watched all the way through.
Facebook will always be changing. It is essential to know what is going on to market your business efficiently.