Whether your business is in-person or online, business cards are the perfect way to share your name and network. Business cards are a great mix of marketing and the personal touch that a business needs to stand out. If you are grocery shopping, out on errands, or at a small business fair, having business cards can be convenient if asked about your business or contact information.

A card can be informational and helpful to your customers, and you don’t want it to get lost with all the others they have. You want your card to stand out and be memorable to your audience. Having a unique business card is not challenging to achieve with modern printing options. It just depends on how you want to represent your business.

Size and Shape

While a business card has the standard dimensions of 3.5 x 2 inches, what you choose to do with that space, is up to you. You’ll often see the sharp-cornered business cards; however, that isn’t the only choice. Rounded corners give your card a stand-out shape.

You can also change the shape altogether. Your card could be shaped like a bottle to represent your industry if you are a liquor company. Many other shapes would look great as long as it fits within the standard dimensions. You don’t want any points that stick out too much because they could get torn off.

Color and Texture

The shape is the first step but what is on the card makes a difference. Your business card should reflect your existing brand colors and aesthetic.

Business cards can also have textures. You can use a print process called “spot gloss” to make your logo shiny and stand out on a matte card. Embossing raises certain card areas like your name or website. People like a tactile experience, and texture makes it easier for your card to stick out in a pile of other business cards.

Don’t Forget Who You Are

While you are creating a business card, don’t get caught up in the process of making it perfect. Stick to what works best for your brand. Your business card should be a mini representation of your business. Stay true to your brand, and you’ll have a card that makes you proud.