Ready to cast some of your own GIF magic?

There are several helpful apps and websites that allow you to upload your own photos and videos and then crunch the content to generate a GIF.

MakeaGif and imgflip are easy-to-use websites that allow you to create a GIF by uploading your photos and videos. Once you’ve uploaded your content, you can select from a few options to customize your GIF’s animation speed, image size and caption text. After you add your finishing touches, both websites will create your newly rendered masterpiece with a simple click of a button. The whole process is as easy as pie and just as awesome!

As for apps, 5SecondApp, Giffer and LiveGif are favorites with critics and fans alike. Legend is another app that allows you to animate text – a great place start if you’re not quite ready for your GIF close-up.

Custom GIFs for your business are also a great marketing solution. They are eye-catching and add instant interest to your social media channels. If you’re a shop owner, snap a few extra photos of your latest inventory and mash the images together to show buyers a 360° view of the piece. Hairstylist? Capture a few before and after photos of your client to show off the transition. Professional graphic artists can also help design beautifully branded animations that will broadcast your message across the digital space.

Just remember: a steady hand makes for a steady shot. Explore these apps, start recording and have fun!