There are many ways you can increase your search engine optimization (SEO) relatively quickly, especially if your online presence is new. However, to really establish your website as a credible source that consistently ranks on the first page of relevant searches, you have to continually update and maintain your content. At Bad Penny Factory, we consider this an ongoing process that is consistently maintained for our clients.

There is a Method to the Madness

Writing search engine friendly content isn’t as simple as some may think. There are certain strategies SEO content writers utilize in order to gain Google’s favor. This can include catering your titles, subheads, and content to contain certain keywords and phrases as well as using HTML and tags to help communicate to search engines what your page or post is about.

A good copywriter is stealthy in their integration. They fashion their HTML and content to reference the right words and phrases without making it obvious to the reader. In fact, this article is doing all of those things right now. The key is to be able to write both for search engines and your audience, and that starts by focusing on relevant, accurate, and informative content.

You’ve probably seen poor SEO optimized content before. It repeats the same words or phrases whether it makes the paragraphs read well or not. Sometimes older, outdated websites will even place a plethora of keywords in the bottom of their site layout just to score a higher ranking on search engines. Not only does this make your business look bad, but it can also be very frustrating for web browsers. Search engine users are looking for content that answers their questions or provides the solution they’re looking for, not convoluted information presented in a way that makes it difficult to read and decipher. Thankfully, times have changed since this form of SEO optimization was popular.

Google Algorithms Crave Relevant Content

Over the years, Google has updated its algorithm to make search engine results more and more relevant to the user. They now penalize sites who use manipulative or “spam-like” keyword and keyphrase strategies to discourage poor SEO practices and provide web users with better results for their search.

So what gets you to the top of the list? High quality, relevant content and a positive user experience. This is now Google’s number one focus. In fact, it is prioritized even before keyword and keyphrase relevance. That means pages that were once ranking due to high keyword or keyphrase matches are now dropping below older pages more centered on providing rich and relevant information about the subject searched.

In the end, content is still king for search engines, especially Google, and no amount of meta tag SEO can bring success by itself. It’s imperative that the content is supported by the keyword strategy on every page. The content, titles, subheaders, meta descriptions are all integral parts of any thoughtful SEO optimization plan. Each has its role, but they work best when they work together.

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