Social media brings a new look to small businesses and gives them a chance to better connect with their communities. While each platform comes with its own tricks, it can be challenging to keep up and see what works best for you and your business. One tool that each platform offers is the use of stories.

What A Story Looks Like

Social media stories are an excellent way to start a conversation and create a sense of urgency for your audience. On most platforms like Instagram and Facebook, stories are only up for 24 hours before they disappear. This may seem very short, but a lot can be done in 24 hours, and it gives a chance for your customers to see what you post.

Some companies post boxing videos showing the process of shipping out orders or shelving products. Others promote their sales using graphics.


A story is a great way to show the human behind the business. You can show your face, your employees, or a day in your life. Customers adore seeing the behind-the-scenes of their favorite companies, and it can bring a sense of connectivity between them and you. Story stickers allow your customers can ask questions or vote on new products.

New Product

If you are planning the launch of a new product or service, posting a story is a great way to create excitement. Do a poll and let your customers guess what the product is. This also gives you the chance to take a video of you showing off the new product. By showing it in your hands or being worn, your customers can imagine themselves owning it, making them more inclined to shop around your store.

Promotions and Deals

Whether running a one-day-only deal or starting a week-long sale, a social media story post is a great way to promote it. With a story, you can create an eye-catching graphic and showcase the sale to all your customers. You can make it feel like a limited-time offer by posting it for only a day. You can also link to your website or location so your customers know exactly where to look.

A story on any social media platform gives you many marketing options and grows your relationship with your audience. A closer tie with your customer base helps grow your business and raise the number of return customers, all with a simple post to your story.