If you have social media accounts for your business, you know that each one needs a profile. Your business social media profile might be the first thing potential customers use to determine their interest in your brand. You can increase business and grow a following on a platform by making a proper profile page.

Profile pages change from platform to platform, but there is a basic framework to follow.

The Basics

Most profile pages need a name, tag, and profile picture. Consistency is vital when making profiles on multiple platforms. Some tags and usernames may not be available but keep them as close to the same as possible so it’s easier for customers to follow you.
Your username and tag should be your business’s name or a variation. The tag will be in the URL and how people will look you up. Using your business name will keep your social media consistent and recognizable. The display name can also be your business’s name, the location of your business, or even your name if people recognize it.

You’ll also need a profile picture and cover photo. If you have a recognizable logo, that can be your profile picture so your customers will remember your business. Your cover photo can be a bit more creative. You could use a picture of your products, your building, or even of yourself and your employees. A cover photo is another way to help show off your brand.

Your Biography

Your profile bio should also be consistent. You may not have the option to copy and paste the same thing because some programs have a character limit. Write a few variations of the bio so it can be adapted for different word counts.

Write something that expresses your business values and uses appropriate keywords. If your business is eco-friendly, vegan, or all hand-made, using these terms in each bio keeps them consistent. The rest can adapt to fit each profile.

Contact Information

Most platforms have a place for a web address, phone number, or links to other social media platforms. Utilizing links and contact information allows your customers to follow you on multiple platforms.

Having a solid understanding of your brand and values will help you create the best social media profile for your business.