Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process by which a website is optimized to perform better and rank higher in relevant searches. Content marketing, on the other hand, is a subset of inbound marketing that involves moving a website visitor through the sales funnel by offering them helpful, interesting or convincing content pieces.

Although these two may seem very different, a strong SEO strategy incorporates content marketing that includes content generation. This hybrid approach helps your website rank better, for more keywords, and reach more customers. A fact, we understood the critical role content plays in SEO early on, so the baseline SEO programs at Bad Penny Factory all involve content creation just as much as they involve classic, more technical factors.

As Google’s algorithms progress, they have started to favor many of the elements of a good content marketing plan which includes fresh, regularly posted content of a certain length, with good keyword targeting and on specific pages.

Increase Content, Increase Keywords

Content marketing allows you to go beyond the small paragraphs of homepage copy and alt text descriptions on photos, where your space for keywords may be limited. Through the use of articles, videos, blog posts, guides, and other written or streamed content, you can use more keywords relevant to what your website is about—and what people are searching for.

For example, if your business sells beauty products you may want to rank well for keywords related to cosmetics. Instead of trying to cram all the cosmetic-related words and phrases you can think of into one small space or page, you can craft a very natural guide or video like “How to Prevent Damage to Cosmetic Brushes,” or create a blog post about the latest cleaning tips along with the types of brushes your business sells that can hold up to continued use. This content isn’t just helpful and interesting, it’s also a great opportunity to use keywords and rank well in searches!

Google Loves Content

It’s commonly known that website pages that rank the highest in Google’s search engine results pages (or SERPs) tend to also have the highest amount of content; however is longer content better? Not necessarily. After all, if your article, blog post, streaming video, or guide goes on and on without making a point, is overly stuffed with keywords (and looks like it to readers) or doesn’t offer any kind of substantial information, visitors will get tired of it and leave. That being said, substantial, informative, and detailed content tends to be longer, so it makes sense that it would correlate with the highest rankings.

Good Content Reduces Page Bounce Rates

Let’s say someone visits to your website from search, can’t find what they are looking for, and leaves right away (without visiting any other pages) – this is called a bounce, and the percentage of people who do this on each page on your site is factored into your bounce rate.

If a page has a very high bounce rate, that’s typically a sign that there is something wrong with it and the content needs to be reviewed and improved upon. For example, let’s say the bounce rate on your homepage is very high, and you think that’s because visitors don’t know where to start learning about your products or services. You could add some content to introduce your company, suggest where they could get started, or even link to some pages. This can keep them on the page longer, send them to other pages, and reduce confusion.

But content length and volume is a fine balance. Brief content that doesn’t help your visitors, doesn’t make its point, or simply reads like bot can drive away users while content that is too dense and irrelevant can bore the reader which can prompt them to browse information elsewhere.

Additional SEO Benefits

Although you can absolutely improve SEO with content on your website, the benefits of content marketing go far beyond increased rankings and search engine visibility. In fact, content marketing can even play a role in how you can increase potential customers and leads. Content marketing fills gaps in your sales funnel, exposes your business to additional audiences, and creates feelings of goodwill among those visiting your site.

Interested in finding out more about how content marketing can improve your SEO? Bad Penny Factory is a leading full-service digital marketing agency, which can create a unified content marketing strategy that gives you an edge over the competition—both in content and in rankings. Contact us today!