Are you a Realtor looking to generate more leads? If you’re a real estate agent looking to attract more clients, there are many opportunities to raise awareness of your services.

Here are a few tips that explore both online and offline sales tactics:

Host Online Events and Webinars

Events are a great way to engage business prospects, but not all great leads have the time to attend industry functions. With webinars, they can watch from the comfort of their own office. Plus, webinars can keep generating leads long after the event has ended. Attendees can stream them online or download recordings after the event. You can also promote past webinars and presentations on your website and social media accounts.

Ensure Your Online Content Is Awesome

Many people research their real estate options online before choosing a provider, and if they find your website content helpful, they will be more likely to choose you for their real estate needs. Ensure your website is stacked with premium content, which can include everything from interactive surveys to downloadable guides. And, for another powerful punch, tie your downloads to a gated email capture tool and then offer your content to your site visitors free of charge. A gated tool requires site visitors to enter their email addresses to receive access to materials. Then, you can follow up with anyone who shows interest in the content and tailor your communication based on what they downloaded.

While most of the content on your site should be freely accessible, you can still choose to secure particularly valuable items and provide access for a fee.

People will be more likely to choose a real estate agent that provides helpful information in their search online. Potential leads might not need your services right away, but when they do, they will remember your name and your website.

Email Newsletters

After you’ve compiled a list of subscribers via your downloads, events and networking events, you can keep in contact with potential leads with email newsletters. Keep in mind, though, that nobody likes email spam so make sure you have the right to email your user list first. When composing your content, make sure your emails provide value to readers and they contain helpful content that will aid in their information search. In other words, provide your subscribers with resources they can’t get in one spot anywhere else.

Don’t forget to link back to your website in each email so that people can easily access additional information. You can also include buttons for your social media profiles and encourage readers to like your content and share it with family and friends who might be interested in your services.

Social Media for Realtors

Social media is great for brand building, and Realtors can use platforms like Facebook and Twitter to attract and convert qualified leads. Social media is an effective way to learn more about your potential clients and tailor your marketing efforts to better reach them. You can also track brand mentions and listen in to what people are saying about their services.

You can also use social media to interact with prospects online, answer their questions, and provide helpful content that aids in their information search. This will help to bring people into your sales funnel and convert more qualified leads. Given the amount of people that use social media every day, it’s the perfect place to reach your target audience and convert new leads.

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