As you plan your business, one of the many things you need is a quality logo. This logo should represent your business and values. A logo can be simple, like your business name in a clean font. You can use graphics that represent your brand. Use your creativity to choose what you want.

There are many templates and inspiration sources online. When you design the logo, remember the inspiration you gathered. Your logo will represent your business on business cards, websites, and social media.

Understand Your Business

Before sketching things out or downloading templates, you should understand your brand’s values. Think of keywords that you associate with your business and use them as inspiration.

How you feel about your business affects the aesthetic of your brand. You may think of something whimsical and soft, but after more reflection, decide something serious and modern is more appropriate.

Pick a Type and Size

Think about what style logo you like. Do you want simple typography or illustrated icons, or a combination of the two?
The style you choose should be recognizable in various sizes. You’ll also want alternate versions to use in different circumstances. You might use the full logo on a brochure, but just the image or name on a receipt. Think about where your logo will go.

Choosing Color and Text

Color and type can make the difference between attractive and illegible. If you have a brick-and-mortar store, you can use the colors and aesthetics you have used there. Try different shades if those colors are too bright or muted.

The font you choose should be easy to read. A curvy letter font looks elegant or whimsical. Something more blocky looks more serious and bold. Both color and font can change the tone of your logo.

Your logo should be reflective of you and your business. It should appeal to the audience that you want to attract. You want something that will make them curious about what you offer.