Brochures have always been a staple of physical marketing. A brochure can help bring a personal and inviting touch to your business and build trust within your audience. They are almost like a bigger and better business card. Like other marketing tools, you can personalize a brochure to represent your business the way you want. Photos and quality content make a brochure an excellent introduction to your small business.


Like business cards, buying in bulk can save you money printing your marketing tools. You may spend more money on writing and design if you hire outside help, but a quality brochure will add value to your brand and is worth the expense.

Simple and Effective

Bring brochures if you plan to attend a small business event, community activity, or another networking opportunity. They can be a critical strategic marketing plan for your business.

A brochure allows you to spread the word about your business. It gives your audience a more in-depth look at what you offer. You can hand them out with a simple handshake or leave them on an advertising table for people to see. While a business card may seem to do the same, a brochure includes more information about your business.


Vital information about your business and goals paired with photography communicates your mission. It shows what your customers expect from you.

You can include:

  • A summary of your business
  • A list of products and services
  • A mission statement
  • Contact information
  • The benefits of using your company

This is already more information than you can fit on a business card. Your audience can learn more about you, see what you have to offer, and know who to contact with questions. The pictures you add can emphasize any points you make. Including a coupon or discount code can be a great call to action to get your audience through the doors and become return customers.

Eye Catching

A brochure should reflect your business’s aesthetics and goals, creating a lasting memory for your audience. If you have a brand color palette, use it to create cohesion with the brochure and business.

The information and photos should keep the reader engaged and curious. Bullet points or short phrases mixed with visuals are easier to read.

A brochure can be a great addition to a business’s marketing campaign. The mix of information and visuals communicates the ideas of your business to a broader audience.