Keeping up with the latest social media trends can be difficult for businesses. New social media apps are launching all the time, so how do you know what ones are right for your business? One easy way to decide if your company should hop on the next trend is to look at the number of people who use that app daily and determine if that app’s audience is your audience.

Instagram has reported that 400 million Instagrammers use Stories on a daily basis. Companies need to use this feature to grow and connect with customers. Don’t let Instagram Stories intimidate your business, here is a simple guide to use Stories like a pro.

When And How Often To Post
Posting on Instagram Stories is different than posting on Twitter and Facebook because in Stories you are not building a conversation. Stories are more of a way to highlight an event that happened on a business day. Stories last on an account for 24 hours and then it disappears. That is why businesses should be posting once a day. This allows your previous story to expire and not bombard your followers with too much content.

When to post on Stories is also an aspect that businesses need to take into account. The best time to post is between 9am-11am EST. Later studied 12 million Instagram posts and found that that 9am-11am was the best time to post for maximum engagement on a Stories.

Focus On The Brand
Posting relevant content is extremely important for a company because no one wants to see a random selfie of people they don’t know in their feed. Some great ways to use stories is to post about new products, special offers or some behind the scenes pictures/videos.

Instagram stated that 39% of users have become more interested in a brand/product after seeing it on Instagram Stories. Having your product seen by your followers is a great way for customers to get more familiar with what you have to offer and why they need that product.

Get Interactive With Customers
Making your Stories interactive is a great way to build interest in a company’s product. Use features that Instagram has built into their Stories functions to get the most out of posting. Adding a poll to your Stories can engage followers to vote on items and themes they love. Instagram even has a feature that allows you to add a feelings bar to your post so people can rank how much they like the content of the post.

Interactive Stories helps build relationships with followers. Customers loved being heard and making your Stories interactive can let them know you care about their opinion. This can lead to customers telling more people about your business and social media presence too.

Instagram Stories is a feature that businesses must use to really connect with their customers. Don’t be afraid to use this option, instead be excited that your business can engage customers. Get over to Instagram today and post a Story so all of your followers can feel connected to your company.