The marketing industry is constantly evolving: a strategy that may work this month could be completely obsolete the next. It’s all about remaining flexible in your approach and adapting as it becomes necessary. This is why staying up to date on algorithms, trends and internet infrastructure is essential. Across the many shifts in digital communication, content marketing has been and is here to stay with the industry slated to value over $400 billion by 2021. As content marketing continues to grow and the ways in which we use it are honed and streamlined, staying current is key to make sure your content marketing strategy is successful.

Content As King
A few years ago, content creation was seen as secondary to other marketing avenues like social media, PPC and email. However today, savvy brands understand that successful digital communication revolves around the reciprocal conversation between the business and the consumer. By providing interesting industry information and valuable advice through content creation, companies build a trusted platform that fosters trust, loyalty and retention. In return, customers are more likely to invest financially and emotionally in your business because of the value you create. Companies that understand that the core of successful search engine marketing is based on content will always be ahead of the latest algorithm changes because organic search engine marketing through blogging, videos and other content will always be foolproof. At Bad Penny Factory, we understood this demand early on and have incorporated search driven, relevant and custom content production in our digital marketing programs. Yes, Bad Penny Factory will blog for you.

Custom Strategies
The ability to use content as a flexible tool to achieve your sales goals is one of the things that makes it such an amazing asset. Each company will inevitably present its own set of marketing needs and projected goals so no two content strategies are ever alike. It’s important to outline your company’s specific goals at the outset to make sure that your content can revolve around achieving them. Without this clearly outlined objective, your may not be as effective in capturing the market share it was designed for. A quick content marketing assessment can help you set your primary goal and design a customized strategy to meet it.

Customer Success Focus
Customer success places the priority on how companies can help customers get the most value from their services. Reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations are priceless – when a client is satisfied with their overall experience and feel invested in your brand they are more likely to pass on the message. As such, it’s important to maximize customer experience every step of the way. Content can help with this experience. Content can help show buyers the best way to use products, troubleshoot frequent issues and educate them more broadly bout the industry at large. With a content strategy focused on customer success, businesses can turn their attention growth instead of troubleshooting.

Nurturing Lifecycles
Increasingly, companies are shifting from marketing funnels designed to convert to a more customer-friendly and sustainable model designed to maximize retention. Moving away from an emphasis on transactional relationships and toward continuous engagement, you keep the customer coming back and once again, nurture a two-way relationship to get them invested in your brand. Content allows for the relationship to continue through transitioning your brand from a vendor to a partner. By consistently engaging with your clients through videos, blogs, graphics and other creative content you keep them coming back, providing value and establishing long-term relationships.