Today we have access to the best technology we have ever seen, and it’s is growing and changing faster than people can keep up with. Every year there’s a new piece of tech we never imagined possible, like voice assistants.

Voice assistants like Alexa were made to help people do everyday tasks like play music and check the weather or local news, whether in their homes or on the go. Since its introduction, there have been many improvements to Alexa. The Amazon-owned voice assistant can now help streamline your small business and let you continue your work. At the same time, Alexa does the other meticulous tasks necessary for day-to-day work.

Emailing and Documentation

Is reading and replying to emails your least favorite task? Let Alexa do it instead. Alexa can read, respond, and help prioritize your emails using new tools for small businesses. You can work on something else while it reads your emails to you. It can also delete, archive, and make quick replies.

If you have a Google Drive account, you can connect it to Alexa, and it can help you create new documents or edit current ones. It can also edit Google Presentations and Sheets.

Your own Digital Marketer

Alexa integrates with many digital marketing tools. You can connect to your website analytics service and ask for updates on traffic and activity.

If you have an online store, Alexa can tell you about your orders, inventory, and store performance. It can also help track packages. Since it can track your sales, it can tell you what products are selling well or not. It can give you an analysis of your sales and your relationship with your customers.

Big Picture

Alexa can help create and implement your schedule if you have a lot on your plate. It can sync with digital calendars and use that information to schedule your meetings or calls.

Alexa can remind you of meetings, pay invoices, and purchase inventory. These reminders can extend to your employees to keep them in the loop.

One of the most essential skills Alexa has when it comes to small businesses is starting conferences and meetings. If you ask her to start the next one on the docket, it will dial the number for you, insert any passcode needed, and begin the meeting.

It’s easy to see what technology has to offer. While it may be an adjustment to trust our tech, it has excellent time management and productivity benefits.