Marketing is constantly changing because consumers change. Ad formats become less effective when new formats pop up. For example, newspaper ads are no longer as effective as mobile pop-up ads. Consumers are more likely to see ads on their devices, and even mobile ad formats change frequently.

Google ads are one of the most significant ways consumers can find local businesses or groups that interest them. Google is always thinking of better ways to promote businesses and increase their digital traffic, and there are new changes that will be implemented soon.


YouTube is one of the best places for businesses and brands to advertise. People are there to be entertained, so placing an ad at the beginning of videos is excellent for increasing traffic to your website.

When YouTube figured out how beneficial pre-roll ads were, they created Bumper Ads. Rather than the usual 30-second long ad, these Bumper Ads are only 6 seconds long. According to YouTube, Bumper Ads get more clicks than traditional 30-second ads.
They have even created the Bumper Machine, which can make any ad shorter than 90 seconds into multiple 6-second Bumper Ads.

Showcase Shopping Ads

Showcase shopping ads on Google have been around for a few years, but they are expanding. They are an excellent tool for digital marketing for retailers. They allow the consumer to see purchase items based on previous Google searches.
Now shopping ads are expanding. Clicking on an ad will bring the consumer to a catalog of items related to their search, growing what the consumer sees and opening more doors for businesses.

Immersive Ads

Over time ads are becoming more interactive, depending on the business and the topic. With Google’s new Gallery Ads, companies can use several pieces of content for one ad, including multiple pictures, three headlines, and up to 70 characters.
Gallery Ads allow your audience to interact with your brand better.

This handful of changes to Google Ads is one aspect of a forever-changing market. Staying up to date and adaptive ensures your business stays relevant.