Thousands upon thousands of videos are posted online every day. So, with so many videos being uploaded, how can you ensure your spot outshines the competition? One way to get ahead of the pack is to follow some simple title posting tactics to make sure that your video title is going to please the algorithm for search engine optimization (SEO). Titles have tremendous SEO value. They help viewers find your video in search results. Therefore, write titles with keywords that audience are likely to use when searching for your video.

Follow these three steps to ensure that your video is primed for viewing.

Title Importance
The video title and accompanying post is everything to a video. It provides a sneak peek of what the video is about in a way that makes the viewer curious to watch. Titles must be compelling enough to enhance click-throughs. Write attention grabbing titles to attract audience attention.

  • Provide the most important information at the beginning of your title.
  • Include least important information such as episode numbers towards the end of the title.
  • The length of a title needs to be short. The longer the title the less likely a person is to read your post and watch the video. The title should be between 40 to 60 characters and no more than 10 words. Stick to this word limit count! Not only does it make the SEO bots happy, it comes in handy when sharing the video to your social media accounts as the title needs to be short enough that you are able to put the title on the post.

Select Your Words Carefully
Include a catchy hook to attract viewers’ attention. Include keywords that describe your video and front load your title with those keywords. You can research and incorporate highly searched keywords in your video title and determine the popularity of potential keywords using Google Trends.

Write a title that evokes curiosity. Questions, lists, descriptive adjectives are effective to generate click-throughs. Some great ways to format a title is to use adjectives. Including words like awesome or proven can spark curiosity in a reader. Using action words like get, take, boost, or learn can make readers interested in learning expert advice on a topic. Even using a number like, 3 Tips for the Perfect Smokey Eye, in your title is a great way to show viewers that your video possesses information they need.

Learn From Others’ Successes & Failures On YouTube
If you are certain that your video is the greatest thing since Leave Britney Alone but you are having trouble coming up with a good title, spend 10-15 minutes searching around YouTube for similar videos. See if you can find videos that perhaps haven’t gone viral but have views above several thousand. Is there a common thread among several of them? On the other side, is there a common thread among those videos you find with lower numbers of views? Searcher behavior is difficult to predict, but it never hurts to take a cue from past failure and successes.