The internet presents many marketing opportunities for small businesses. One underused method of improving brand awareness is user-generated content.

User-generated content includes reviews, comments, and photos or videos that tag your business. It may seem like a lot, but you can use it to your advantage.


Reviews are one of the easiest ways to get user-generated content. You can gather reviews on Google and your website and social media accounts and entice your customers to write reviews by offering discounts.

Allowing your customers to review your products opens a line of communication and these reviews help you learn about your customers. Don’t let it get you down if you get a negative review. Instead, leave a comment to show that you care about your customer’s experience.


You can use hashtags on any post to help boost your views and create a way for customers to find you. If you want to present your brand and product efficiently, you can create a hashtag unique to your business. It could be your business name, a particular product name, or the name of an event.

By creating hashtags for your customers to use, you give them a chance to post your products or services and tag you in them. You can use those posts on your social media to communicate how your customers enjoy your products. Customers love to feel connected to the business they buy from, and sharing their posts is a great way to do that.

Pictures and Video

Receipts, email subscriptions, and other forms of communication with your customers are an excellent opportunity to encourage them to post a video or picture with the product they bought. You can have them tag your business or use a specific hashtag.

Your customers’ photos and videos may get as much or more attention as those you post daily. These tags will lead more customers to you and grow your brand awareness.

What you post on social media can make the difference between a small community and a large fan base. By using your customers’ content and allowing them to interact with your business, you can grow better relationships and gain trust with your audience.