If you are looking to grow your local business and you don’t have a Google My Business profile, you are missing out on many great features and benefits. Google My Business helps local businesses show up in searches for products that are relevant to what they sell. It creates the perfect gateway from your customers to you.

Google My Business allows your customers to see pictures of your shop, your hours, products/services, reviews, and website. It gives them the perfect rundown of all the important information you would put on a business card, right on their phone or computer. Using it to all its abilities makes sure you are getting the virtual and physical traffic your business deserves.

Make Sure Everything is Filled Out

Filling out all sections of your Google My Business is crucial. If you miss any of these sections, you lower the chances of people visiting your site or location. Double-check that the name is exactly the same as on your building, the location is correct, and the hours are changed when needed. These little things make your page more user-friendly.

Next are sections like products and services, questions and answers, and categories and attributes. These will take a little bit more consideration. When you go through these, be specific to your goals for your audience. If you just sell chocolate bars, you aren’t going to put in gummy candies as well. That would bring in some pretty upset customers. They should be specific to your brand. Using these sections can grow your business and connect your name with those products better than ever before.


Even if you write a beautiful description of your business, people’s eyes will go directly to the photos. If the pictures are blurry, dark, or don’t represent your brand, it will deter potential customers. Getting a great photo of your shop, staff, or product will make your business appear more welcoming.

Keep it Up to Date

You don’t want incorrect information on Google My Business. If your hours unexpectedly change, change them on your page. If you change locations, change it there as well. You don’t want people getting lost and giving up on you. Keeping it up to date shows your customers that you are thriving and will assist them in their needs.

When it comes to digital marketing, it is important to take advantage of what is out there for you to use. Google My Business is a free program and pretty user-friendly. You don’t want to lose the precious traffic you can get there.